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In Sim WiPs

Publié le par Hueyman

Here are the first shots took in X-Plane 10.20 β3

This is the plane maker model, the " Wind tunnel aerodynamic model ".

Trying to match real values, ref speeds, rate of climb, fuel consumption etc is a time demanding task, but it's so interesting ! You really feel like it's your plane !

In Sim WiPs
In Sim WiPs
In Sim WiPs

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Essay reviews 11/10/2016 09:26

You have done a fabulous work. Your hardworking is the reason for the success of this work. It is very beautiful and attractive. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas with us. You have a brilliant writing skill. Keep sharing such helpful post.

Hueyman 11/10/2016 12:52

Hello dude,

Thank you for your kind words,

Unfortunately as you have noticed, I haven't time any more to work on it, so I had to stop development due to real job requirements. Maybe someone will eventually take it over to finish it ...

Hueyman 13/12/2012 19:25

Merci leglaude !

Ça fait vraiment plaisir venant d'un gars d'X-Plane.fr ;-)

leglaude 10/12/2012 15:53

nice start ! yep it's ineresting !!! good luck with you project !