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  • Propellers, propellers...

    24 février 2013

    Hi everyone, As previously said, I wanted to do an article specially about propeller operation on the PC-6, and generally speaking, constant speed propeller used in almost every high performance ACFTS, both piston or turbine powered. But of course, in...

  • Pilatus PC-6.. A bit of history, and firsts WiPs !

    18 novembre 2012

    The PC-6 ? It's a swiss airplane, made by Pilatus Aircraft. The enterprise is located near the Pilatus mountain in Switzerland. The first model, flew on 4th May of 1959, powered by a Lycoming GSO-480-B1A6, a 340 HP piston engine. It was designed to be...

  • Back to work

    07 avril 2014

    These times were kinda tough for me, many things had happened in real life, giving really little time to work on such things, that I really love though ... In a year, many things happened, and among them, we split up with MR3D and I'm now on my own on...

  • Meet the real bird...

    25 novembre 2012

    Today, sunday, sunny day .. Had a chance to visit the real PC-6/B2-H2, during it's 100FH ( Flight Hours ) revision, where I can see some of it's inside, what's behind the cowlings ( PT6A of course ! ) and talk with the pilot and mechanics. Those shots...

  • Propeller Animation

    20 décembre 2012

    This very quick video I made is the pitch changing mechanism animation of the PC-6 propeller. On this example, blade angle is initially in the " in flight Low Pitch Stops " position of +09°30' and smoothly going to a coarser pitch, +86°30' ( Fully Feathered...

  • In Sim WiPs

    24 novembre 2012

    Here are the first shots took in X-Plane 10.20 β3 This is the plane maker model, the " Wind tunnel aerodynamic model ". Trying to match real values, ref speeds, rate of climb, fuel consumption etc is a time demanding task, but it's so interesting ! You...

  • PC-6 first animated render

    02 avril 2013

    Here is a quick animation Mr3D made for teasing our growing PC-6. Enjoy !

  • Tailwheel and elevator/rudder

    28 novembre 2012

    Some more details, still in progress.

  • Welcome, ladies and gentlemen ;-)

    18 novembre 2012

    Hello everybody ! I created this blog for one purpose : share with you, and let you comment, my publications about various stuffs, but especially the development of my current project, the swiss plane, Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter, in it's B2H2 variant....