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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen ;-)

Publié le par Hueyman

Hello everybody !

I created this blog for one purpose : share with you, and let you comment, my publications about various stuffs, but especially the development of my current project, the swiss plane, Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter, in it's B2H2 variant.

A friend and I ( Mr. 3D ) are working on this one for the fabulous X-Plane 10 flight simulator.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

First of all, let me introduce me.

My nickname is Hueyman ( cause I'm always talking about how Hueys are majestuous ) I'm 17 years old and I'm French, living in the center of France. So, please be kind and forgiving about my approximative english... I'm currently in Terminale S ( dunno the equivalent in the Anglo-saxon school system, but it's the last grade of high school, before the final exam, the BAC ). I'm PPL(A) for now in a little C-152, currently learning the DR-400 and want to give a try to Diamond DA-40 and the CAP 10, hopefully next summer ! and my final purpose is to become a helicopter pilot.

I choose the PC-6 for several reasons, like the facts that I see this plane about everyweek ends since I was a child, cause my mother is doing skydiving in this one for 10 years now. So it always held a very special place in my heart ! So, I can have very solid infos, datas, pictures, explanations etc, about this particular aircraft directly from the pilot.

I hope you'll enjoy that blog, which will not only show significant progress ( this can be followed on our X-Plane.org thread :

http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?showtopic=58037&st=0 ) But also things I want to show you or explain, even if it looks not important or even futile.

About MR3D ( but you'll find more on his great blog : http://hosting.x-plane.org/mr3d/website/index.html ), this guy is a really nice english dude, which share with me the passion of aviation and X-Plane. He has done a really sweet Mitsubishi Zero, and the very famous Jackdaw WWII Airfield.. We decided to work together because he is really exceptionnal at 3D modelling, texturing, animations etc ( while I'm just starting to learn 3D on Blender ) and I have the knowledge about real aviation. So, he is taking care of the 3D model of the PC-6, inclueding cockpit, and I'm only worrying about the propeller and turbine in 3D, but all the Plane Maker stuff ( plane maker is a kind of wind tunnel, which define how your ACFT ( Understand Aircraft ) should fly.. ) it can be compared to a huge calculator, which, according to airfoils, drag coeffs, lift coeffs, deflection angle, control surface deflection, power, torque etc.. will produce a very fine and accurate simulation of the Aircraft.. When I say aircraft it can be a single blade, a wing, a very complex helicopter, a simple glider, a 777, a flying balloon, an UFO.. anything that is supposed to fly !

I hope you will enjoy this little blog, and feel free to comment ! I want it to be free speaking, so even bad or rude comments will be displayed, that's how I see things should work in a democracy ;-)


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